Former President Donald Trump on his official website announced that he’ll run for President again!

Folks! We aren’t aware of the current situation…

While Biden is sleeping with his legs on the desk in the Oval office, banks are collapsing, violent crime is rising… This is so serious.. we need to act fast! The only one who can end this apocalyptic scenario is .. Donald Trump! Yes, only Trump can Save America, but he needs our support more than ever…

Text AMERICA to 88022 or directly contribute by investing in Trump treasuries!

Yes, you heard me right! In order to stimulate contributors for the upcoming campaign,  Trump, along with Paul Singer, Richard Uihlein, Timothy Mellon and others donors, established hedge fund operated by company under Trump Corporation.

What does that mean?

Now, you can contribute in Trump’s upcoming campaign with great return on the investment. Trump Bonds are short-term treasuries that has a maturity of 1 year. Today you can get up to 50 Trump bonds, and when they mature, each bill will reach it’s own value of $1000.

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Aid Trump’s Victory And The Salvation Of The Nation!

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