• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

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Donald Trump Jr. Makes HUGE Announcement (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Jr. just made the following announcement: (VIDEO BELOW)

” I’m reaching out today, because we’re about to finalize Trump Gold Card membership roster and i wanted to give you one LAST CHANCE to be a part of history WITH US! Gold Card members are made up of my father’s most reliable supporters, and I know, he’ll be disappointed if you’re not on the team. When you join, we’ll even send you a personalized Trump Gold Card. It’ll drive the libs crazy. So please activate your membership today, before it’s too late. See you soon! ” – (Link below the video where you can activate your membership and get your Trump Gold Card!) 👇

By activating your membership you’ll be direct contributor for the upcoming campaign, and you’ll get personalized Gold Trump Card with unique member number. Experts assume that after Trump’s return to office, the value of Trump Gold Card will skyrocket, and every cardholder will get many benefits.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Activate your membership today, before it’s too late!